The right insurance offers you and your family complete peace of mind should life deliver you an unexpected blow.

While no one knows what the future holds, and it can be difficult to stop and contemplate how you would cope should the worst happen, knowing you are covered financially gives a great sense of security.

If you are injured in an accident, diagnosed with a serious illness, or are made redundant, the range of insurance options at our fingertips can ensure that losing your income doesn’t mean losing your home.

We provide you with the most suitable options for your circumstances, so you can ensure you are adequately covered.

The options we can help you with include:


Life Assurance


Life Assurance gives you the security that your home and lifestyle is protected in the event of illness or an accident. Whether you want to simply pay off your mortgage, receive a lump sum or provide a replacement income, we can help you to find a combination to suit your family’s needs and budget.


Level Term Assurance


Level Term Assurance provides a guaranteed sum in the event of your death, or you becoming eligible for terminal illness provision of the plan. The amount of life cover remains the same throughout the fixed term of your plan. Often terminal illness cover is built into your plan at no extra cost.


Decreasing Term Assurance


Decreasing Term Assurance will provide a guaranteed sum assured in the event of your death or you becoming eligible for terminal illness benefit during the term of the plan. The amount of life cover will reduce over the fixed term broadly in line with the amount you owe on your mortgage. The cost of this cover is usually cheaper than level life cover.

Why not speak to one of our qualified advisers who can advise you on the most suitable policy for you, your family and your circumstances.


Critical Illness Cover


Critical illness cover is designed to help you and your loved one’s cope if you are affected by a serious illness. In the unfortunate event that you are struck down by a condition that changes the way you live your life; critical illness cover can help you deal with the financial pressures it may bring. Examples include alterations to your home, a new car or a permanent carer. The cover works by paying out a tax-free lump sum following diagnosis of specified critical illnesses, which vary depending on the policy.

Achieving the peace of mind that comes with this kind of cover is simple with the help of our experienced adviser, who continuously research the market for the latest products. We can talk you through all the options and give you simple, uncomplicated advice to help you make the right choice for your circumstances.


Income Protection


In today’s tough economic climate, job security has never been lower. If you are affected by the redundancies, pay cuts and reduction in hours that are threatening so many working people, how would you cope with the potential fall-out? Or if you lost your job due to an accident or illness, how would you provide for your family?

Income protection insurance can ensure that your financial security and standard of living is not compromised, giving you breathing space at what can be an incredibly stressful time. We can help you to find an insurance plan to act as a replacement for your lost income, cushioning you from the blow of losing your job, and helping you to get back on your feet. We can guide you towards the insurance plan that is right for you.


There are other providers of Payment Protection Insurance [Short-Term Income Protection] and other products designed to protect you against loss of income. For impartial information about insurance, please visit the website at

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